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J-Flo, aka Jerry Flowers Jr., has become a Godly staple in an ungodly society, exalting the name of Jesus wherever and whenever he is through true worship in Christian rap. Born Jerry Flowers Jr. in Houston, Texas to Pastors' Jerry and Jacqueline Flowers Sr. of Time Celebration Ministries Church. With their discipleship and steadfast example of being a direct representation of Christ, Jerry was able to see Christ through his parents and build a relationship with the Messiah for himself. J-Flo received our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into his heart at the tender age of 5, and cultivated his relationship with Christ as he grew into adolescence.

Entering into early adulthood he vigorously developed his talent as a saxophone player but always had a bigger interest in rap music. Music was always a second nature but never intended to be his main focus. His first passion was children and to achieve a doctorate degree in pediatrics, but God had other plans. As Jerry continued to mature into adulthood he began to write and express his thoughts through poetry. Mixing his ability to write with music allowed him to express his Christ centered views and opinions and allow him form what would soon be his first CD. Through confirmation in prayer he realized music was his main interest. Jerry became frustrated with the message of secular rap since it was heavily influenced by worldliness and lies that praised everything against scripture. What was thought as purely a hobby or a passion for poetry was now a ministry. At this same time he had to not only focus on building his ministry but patiently wait for divine timing since he was still in high school, Westfield High.

After conquering high school it was on to higher learning. He enrolled at Texas Southern University in the fall of 2006. Jerry's relationship with Christ truly began to flourish during that period and he began to write and record more often. He graduated as a distinguished scholar from Texas Southern University with Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. He now felt it was time to impact this generation. At age 20, J-Flo officially launched his ministry as a Christian rap artist with Seek and Save Records and Ministries, a cohesive ministry he helped establish, whose main purpose was to "Seek and Save the Lost". With the support of his family and friends, Jerry released his first Christian Rap CD, Dead 2 Sin in 2009 which sparked the "Dead 2 Sin Tour" that birthed in Texas and branched into Florida. This tour sparked a mini revival and stirred up a whole new passion for the youth he so truly desired to minister too. Word began to spread and it was now time to preach the gospel at any cost.

By now J-Flo had ministered in hundreds of churches and events to an abundance of hungry youth in Houston and throughout the country. God has also used Jerry to bring hundreds back to Christ by influencing them to renounce their life of sin and pursue Christ at any cost. Dead 2 Sin surpassed all natural thoughts and is truly recognized as a spiritual and doctrinally sound album that still touches the lives of many.

With the success of Dead 2 Sin Jerry was now able to branch throughout the world with avenues such as iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, DaSouth, Rapzilla, and Holy Culture. His music also began to grab the attention of radio, and other media outlets. During this time he was also featured on DaSouth's Under The Radar Compilation CD which received over 3,000 downloads.

Jerry is a young man whose passion is to live for Christ with holiness and diligence. J-Flo longs to leave an enduring legacy of Godliness and faithfulness. He released his second CD Not Of This World on December 14th 2010. While recording Jerry never knew the exposure and bigger platform that this album would create and could only blame Christ for the much underserved exposure.

It had now been almost a year since the release of Not Of This World and it was time to go back in the studio and began recording his third album. After much prayer Jerry decided to name the album The Dare, basically challenging today's youth not to conform and dare to stand against what is popular in today's society. The lead single "Filled With Fire" was released on June 14th and garnered a lot of attention. The highly anticipated album was released in the fall of 2011.

J-Flo has shared the stage with many staples in the Gospel rap arena such as Da' T.R.U.T.H., Trip Lee, and Tedashii and many more. Christ has entrusted His disciples to go preach to the nations and it's J-Flo's goal and passion to do that in integrity and with all humility.

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